Giggles and Grins

…because life is a riot.


One of the best sounds in the world is a giggle, and one of the best sights is a happy grin…two things Cindy Herman likes to evoke with her writing. Life sometimes gets so hectic and serious and sad that it’s nice to take a step back, shake off the glumness, and have a good laugh.

Cindy grew up in an old coal mining town in Pennsylvania before moving to a more rural area in the center of the state. Only about 45 minutes away but two different cultures, both of which she loves.

The fourth of seven children (she likes to think of herself as the hub around which the rest of the family turns), Cindy values family and friends above all else. She is happily married to a tractor-loving farm boy and is the proud and overly protective mother of two college-age kids. For the past 15 years she’s written a humor column for her local newspaper, and now finds it impossible to go out in public without being mobbed by fans and paparazzi. Such is the price of fame. Sigh.

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