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…because life is a riot.

I Want The Magazine Life…


Ahh. The shiny, uncluttered magazine life.

Ahh. The shiny, uncluttered magazine life.

No one wants to live in clutter. We want the magazine photos of graceful furniture, artfully placed, in a tidy room with some meaningful accessories and swept-back curtains. We picture sun shining through clear windows and happy people grabbing an apple from the bowl on the counter. And doggone it, we want those happy people and the eye-catching bowl of crunchy apples.

We do not want the mail, magazines, clothes, shoes, toys, phone chargers, and and backpacks cluttering tabletops and walkways. We do not want to be rushing upstairs to change clothes before heading off for evening commitments, passing by the stuff on the stairs that is supposed to be trucked up or down.

Technology has been a double-edged gift in the clutter department. I have never used a rug beater, never even seen one except for decorative takes on the originals. Vacuum cleaners, baby. Vroom, vroom, and the entire carpet stands at attention. Ringer washers? Homemade soap? Those old, heavy irons that the women heated on the old, time-consuming coal or wood stoves? Forget it. Forget it all. Laundry goes into a machine, laundry comes out of a machine. Permanent press items are hanger-ready.

Fast food, prepackaged salads, one-minute rice, microwave mac and cheese…our work and prep time have been decimated. We should have hours and hours of free time. Wasn’t that the promise? Our lives would roll smoothly along with technology handling the tedious tasks, leaving us free, free, free!

Yet we’re busier than ever, and our homes are cluttered with the detritus of our time-squeezed lives.

The life I live...

The life I live…

I know what needs to be done. It’s time to unload. Declutter the house by emptying it of all but useful or loved items. Toss the rest to rescue and recycling centers. I know that’s what’s needed. I keep saying that’s what I’ll do.

And I will. I will!

Just gonna take me a little while to free up some time to get started, but I will. And then, watch out, world! My home will be so uncluttered, you’d swear it was uninhabited!


  1. This is cute! It’s, like, familiar. I feel though that there should have been a lot of a young man’s clutter strewn about the couch to be the most authentic version of what our house on the regular.

  2. Aha! Young man’s clutter. Yes. Definitely would have loaned an authentic air to the photo. Alas! Young man was at college. Had to settle for mother clutter. Sigh.

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