Giggles and Grins

…because life is a riot.

Tudge all the way!


Tudgeman Herman

Better than a mother’s love…a cat’s cutenesss.

Is there anything better than a pet? Take my cat. No, no, don’t take him. Don’t you dare! Just an expression.

My cat, Tudgeman, is a member of the family. Tudgie sleeps where he wants, eats whenever he convinces me he needs something, and, uh, sleeps where he wants.

And WHEN he wants. Tudge sleeps when and where and as often as he wants, and that’s pretty much it, eat and sleep. And yet, he has entwined himself in our hearts.

When the kids are down, who cheers them up? Not Mom, with her zany jokes and chin-up reminders. No, it’s Tudge all the way. And all he has to do is walk in the room. “C’mere, Tudge,” my kids will say, gathering his hefty weight into their arms as the sun rises in their souls once again.

So when my daughter was sick this week, in college, miles and miles away, I sent her all sorts of encouraging words. I fretted. I considered a surprise visit. And then I texted her a picture of Tudgeman. With a little quip. And she responded, “Made. My. Day.”

He’s just a cat. A sleeper and an eater. He can’t even make chicken soup or read a thermometer, yet he’s the man, isn’t he? He’s the one who makes the kids smile on their darkest days, and for that, he has earned my undying love.

Yes, you can have another handful of Kitty Chow, you great, big lug of a lion. You’re my man!

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